Strategies Celebrate 10 Years

November 14th, 2017 | By Fort Washington

The close of the third quarter marked the 10th anniversary of Fort Washington’s Focused Equity and Full Discretion Fixed Income strategies.

Focused Equity

  • Jamie Wilhelm, Managing Director, Head of Public Equities, developed the Focused Equity strategy and has been lead Portfolio Manager since the strategy’s inception.
  • The strategy emphasizes valuation and barriers to entry in its process and the link between the two. We believe this approach is unique within the industry and has allowed the strategy to find compelling investment opportunities in a variety of market conditions.
  • Read more about the strategy.   

Full Discretion Fixed Income

  • Since inception, Full Discretion Fixed Income has outperformed the Bloomberg Barclays Agg in every quarterly rolling 3-year period on a gross-of-fees basis.
  • Managed by lead Portfolio Managers Tim Policinski and Dan Carter.
  • Read more about the Core Plus fixed income strategy here.
  • Also, refer to our article titled: Why Active Fixed Income Wins Over Time.


Full Discretion inception date: 10/1/2007. Percentile rank based on gross returns. Returns are presented gross of fees for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the deduction of advisory fees. Returns will be reduced by the advisory fees and other expenses. For example, an advisory fee of 1% compounded over a 10-year period would reduce a 10% annual return to 8.9%. Rank and past performance is not indicative of future results. Rank margin of error: 1-2 points. Rank may not be representative of any one client's experience. eVestment is a paid subscription-based database service. Peer Group composition reviewed and approved by eVestment data analysts. Frank Russell Company (FRC) is the source and owner of the Russell Index data contained or reflected in this material and all trademarks and copyrights related thereto. The presentation may contain confidential information pertaining to FRC and unauthorized use, disclosure, copying, dissemination, or redistribution is strictly prohibited. This is a Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. presentation of the Russell Index data. Frank Russell Company is not responsible for the formatting or configuration of this material or for any inaccuracy in Fort Washington’s presentation thereof.